ESG Impacts Lens Dashboard

Addressing the social principle of the ESG agenda in mining modernisation

Mining modernisation is a transformative pursuit with profound goals: extending mine life, generating employment, boosting exports, catalysing socio-economic development, and fostering a more sustainable and environmentally responsible mining sector. Beyond enhancing safety and productivity, modernisation in mining may contribute to uplifting workforce and community livelihoods, while ushering in a new era of sustainable, safe, and responsible production.

Mines are grappling with getting a deeper  understanding of the changes and impacts brought about by modernisation, specifically from the “Social” principle of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) agenda.  As South African mines align with global standards in technology and energy, it  is imperative to understand the impact of mining modernisation on the workforce and surrounding communities. Added to this mix is the use of digital tools in a mine’s modernisation journey in an attempt to increase efficiencies and harness the power of information technology for real-time decision making.

This entails understanding the enduring social consequences of community development interventions, the impact of automation on workforce employment, and the efficacy of change management strategies in implementing new technology throughout the operation.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG Impacts Lens Dashboard)

The ESG Impacts Lens Dashboard aims to provide mines with a tool to measuring impacts with an integrated view of three sub-dashboards with focus on Socio-Economic Transformation Impacts  Evaluation, Impact of Automation and Change Impact Evaluation. 

Socio-Economic Transformation Impact Evaluation Dashboard allows mines to visualise data around people/social-related needs for informed decision-making, analytics and allows for mines to put in place interventions, as per needs identified. Addressing community social needs by mines supports efforts in addressing SDGs. Capacity building and development may allow for addressing of skills needs to support new and alternative economies, post-mining, creating entrepreneurship opportunities, thereby allowing for economic growth and transformation.

Impact of Automation Dashboard: Mining modernisation has given rise to many questions about whether the workforce is appropriately skilled for the future. As mines progress on their digital transformation journey, focus is on the  impacts related to the workforce in terms of digital skills adoption; and on implementing automated processes and their associated impacts on the workforce.

Change Impact Evaluation Dashboard: Change impact evaluation tracks the mines progress in management of change and how the adoption of modern mining methodologies aligns with the strategic objectives of the organisation. The use of the CM Blueprint allows for clear communication of the rationale behind the changes and helps employees understand how the new methodologies contribute to the overall goals of the mining operation and impacts on people and process.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impacts Lens Dashboard

The data sources for the ESG Impacts Dashboard includes integration from the SATCAP 2022 digital tools (Javascript and Google Firebase and Excel workbook), and an Excel workbook data interface for new data and is built on a Microsoft Power BI Platform.

ESG Impacts Lens Dashboard Resources

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Excel and Power BI Files

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Case study

Survey tools

Socio-economic transformation impact evaluation

Impact of automation

Change impacts evaluation

Training- needs assessment tool

Mines need an assessment to identify community current  and future training needs, to support shared value creation by empowering and developing post mining communities.

  • Enable mines to obtain an understanding of the baseline skills profiles of communities and SMMEs in mining communities.
  • Enable mines to assess the  appropriate training needs for modernization and towards supporting skills development in alternative economies.

Community social-needs assessment tool

Mines need an assessment to assess “real” socio-economic current and future needs of communities.

  • Enable mines to identify current and potential future social needs.
  • Enable mines with strategic thinking by being able to identify potential black industrialists and asset bases within their local community- for sustainable communities, post mining

SMME communications and engagement tool

Mines need to enable SMME participation in the supply chain and encourage localisation of procurement.

  • Enable SMMEs to self- manage their compliance, to ensure that they meet requirements for entry into local procurement supply chain.
  • Enable mines to make enterprise development and procurement policies and information accessible to all SMMEs.

Digital leadership competency assessment tool

Mines may not have a common understanding of digital leadership to drive digital transformation.

A digital leadership competency assessment does not seem to exist on mines.

  • Equip mines with a leadership competency assessment for operators, supervisors and managers.
  • Include a common understanding of digital leadership competence.

Change management blueprint for adoption of modern technologies

Mines need a people-centred user friendly change management system for the implementation of modern technologies.

  • The MOSH Adoption System is used by mines for adoption of leading practices- remains an industry imperative.
  • Equip mines with a change management blueprint for change leaders to drive change for the adoption of modern technologies with people and technology centred readiness included.
  • CM Blueprint is supplementary to the MOSH Adoption System.

The Digital survey tools are accessible through a cloud based open source application using Google Firebase application and Javascript.
The administrator or super administrator is responsible for enabling the functionality of the digital survey tools for the mine. The functionality includes adding new users, creating survey links and database administration and management.
Digital survey tools are accessible through a cloud based open source application using Google Firebase application and Javascript.

Survey tool resources

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