In an effort to bring together local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and mining houses, the Mandela Mining Precinct developed the Technology Availability and Readiness Atlas (TARA). The TARA online platform, accessible on this link: https://miningtara.co.za/ enables local OEMs to capture their commercially available offerings to the industry while enabling mining houses to keep abreast of local capabilities and offerings.

TARA was developed in response to the lack of a central database of OEM offerings, and thus allows OEMs to showcase their capabilities and provide the industry with the relevant specifications of their equipment and technologies. The Mandela Mining Precinct-developed platform is positioned to foster the modernisation and mechanisation of mining in South Africa.

Punted as the Autotrader for South African mining equipment, TARA links mining houses to local OEMs and provides a window into local offerings. OEMs are able to independently upload equipment data according to set data fields which are currently limited to stoping and development cycle activities pertaining to drilling, blasting, cleaning and supporting. Future iterations of the platform will include shaft sinking and technical services.

TARA is accessible on this link: https://miningtara.co.za/ and is only available to OEMs that are also members of the Mining Equipment and Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA). To join MEMSA, contact admin@memsa.org.za.