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Transforming abandoned Mines

By June 24, 2024No Comments

Zandile Dzegere, a Masters student at the Successful Application of Technology Centred Around People Research Centre based at the University of the Witwatersrand, is on a mission to turn abandoned mines into economic assets.

Zandile’s research project aims to address the challenges posed by abandoned mines, specifically looking for solutions on how these mines can be repurposed to benefit local communities and contribute to the economy. Her research work combines environmental geology, mine rehabilitation and closure, sustainability, and mining. This project was awarded second prize at the Wits Mining Institute seminar hosted last year.

Hailing from Ha-Tshifura, a small village near Sibasa in Limpopo, Zandile describes herself as dedicated, multipotential, and diligent. She completed her honours degree in Mining and Environmental Geology from the University of Venda with distinction and earned accolades as the top student in the School of Environmental and Earth Sciences. Her passion for geology ignited in grade 7, and she has been committed to this path ever since.

Zandile aspires to be one of the best geologists in the country, with a vision to make significant international contributions through her hard work, skills, and knowledge. She is also committed to sharing her knowledge, providing mentorship, tutorials, and guidance to honours students struggling with their research. “I continue to use the skills and knowledge that I have gained to empower others,” says Zandile. “I am happy that the little I do contributes to someone’s success story.”

With her innovative research and dedication to empowering others, Zandile Dzegere is not just transforming abandoned mines—she is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in geoscience.

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