The existing approaches to community engagement and inclusion for mining modernisation are deemed inadequate in addressing the new opportunities for increased community inclusion arising as an outcome of mining modernisation. This study was commissioned to review those, exploring the requirements for community engagement and benefit-sharing to keep pace with the mine modernisation agenda and the implications for the social license to operate.  Thus, the aim of this study is to develop a community engagement and inclusivity model that supports shared value creation in the context of mining modernisation.

Courtesy: Minerals Council South Africa

Research and development

A total of 20 key informant interviews were conducted with both community and industry stakeholders. Those representing the community were selected at the national and mine site level; whilst industry stakeholders represent three modernising platinum mine sites. The latter were selected based on their portfolios: Social performance and local socio-economic and enterprise development.

The study was commissioned to identify the capacity development required to support community engagement and inclusion for mine modernisation; and make recommendations on curricula that will enhance the capacity of both the community and mining role players that could enhance engagement and inclusion practices for mining modernisation.


Research points to several systematic failures associated with the implementation of the current statutory arrangements for community engagement and inclusion. These include the poor integration and delivery of the country’s development programmes at the local and regional levels; lack of municipal capacity to drive the development agenda; and significant improvements in the implementation of community engagement and inclusion is necessary for mine modernisation.

The research team has found that community stakeholders are poorly informed about modernisation and are excluded from conversations in the sector. This necessitates initiatives by industry to reach out to community stakeholders to engage representatives about the vision for mining in the future. Through this study, the research team proposes a model for engagement and inclusion applicable for mining modernisation.

The community inclusivity model may be customised by mining companies, as per unique contexts and experiences.



Research partners

University of the Witwatersrand


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