We care about your personal information. Therefore, we provide you with this notice so that you may make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to continue using the website. This notice regulates the manner in which we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information.

Please note that by using this website you consent to this Privacy Notice. If you do not consent to this Privacy Notice, you must stop using this website immediately.

What personal information do we collect?
When you use this website, the Mandela Mining Precinct collects the following personal information automatically (this will always be recorded without you having to do anything):

  • Your IP address, browser and operating system information;
  • The date and time that you accessed the website;
  • Your geographic location and the pages you view while using the website; and
  • Any search terms you use when using the website’s search functionality.

In addition, we collect any personal information that you voluntarily provide, for example, by submitting a CV, subscribing to a newsletter or making an enquiry.

What do we do with it?
The information we collect automatically is to help us improve the functionality and content of its website.
The information we collect that you provide voluntarily is to provide you with a service or facilitate a function where your personal information is required to provide the service or fulfil the function.

Who do we share it with?
We share the personal information you provide voluntarily and the personal information we collect automatically differently.
Personal information provided voluntarily:

We do not share this personal information with third parties, unless we have a justifiable reason to do so. Typically, the third parties who will have access to your personal information are the contracted parties who assist us with the development of the website, IT maintenance and related matters.

In certain circumstances, we may be forced by law to share your personal information, for example, when served with a court order or other valid request from a lawful authority.

In other circumstances, we may share personal information that has been anonymised and it would be impossible to link the information to a specific individual.

Personal information collected automatically:
Some of the personal information that is collected automatically is collected by third parties whose technology we use to provide website functionality and acquire website analytics information. The table below lists these third parties, where they are located, details on opting out of their personal information collection and, if available, their contact details for privacy queries.

Company Location Opt-Out / Privacy Contact
Google Inc. USA https://www.google.com/intl/en  /policies/privacy/
Services: Google Analytics, DoubleClick, YouTube USA DoubleClick:

In addition, if you make use of the social media sharing buttons on the website, your information will be automatically collected by the social media company that you use to share content (see the “Social Media Platforms and External Links” section below).

How do we collect your personal information?
With regard to the personal information we collect, we make use of a number of technologies that collect personal information automatically.

Cookies: Cookies are small files that are saved onto your computer, which track, save and store information about how you use this website. In some instances, these cookies are needed for the website to function. You can disable them in your browser, but this may interfere with the proper functioning of the website.

Google analytics: This is tracking software from Google, which we use to monitor how users interact with the website, in order for us to improve its functionality and content.

Web-server software: This delivers web pages to your browser. The web-server software will automatically collect your IP address whenever you connect to the website.

YouTube: This is software used to display videos. We do not collect personal information from you by placing these videos on our site or through you viewing them, but Google Inc. (which owns YouTube) collects personal information when videos are placed on webpages.

AddToAny: This is software that is used to place social media buttons on our website, which allows you to share content on our website through social media. We do not collect personal information by placing these buttons on our site, but the AddToAny Company does.

Social media platforms and external links
This website may make use of social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Whenever you make use of any such platforms on this website, please note that any personal information you share on these platforms is subject to their privacy policies and not ours.

This website may also contain links to external websites. Whenever you click a link and are taken to an external website, note that your use of these websites is governed by their privacy policies.

Live events and web conferences
The Mandela Mining Precint hosts many events throughout the year. These include conferences, school visits, demonstrations, etc. If you register for one of our events, we will collect your name and contact information, which we will store in our database(s) and use to provide you with information and services associated with the event. We process this information to fulfil the order you have made to receive the event or conference services.

If you are a presenter at one of our events, we will collect information about you, including your name, employer, contact information and photograph; and we may collect information provided by event attendees who evaluated your performance as a presenter. We may also make and store a recording of your voice and likeness in certain instances.

We keep a record of your participation in events as an attendee or presenter. This information may be used to provide you with information about other events and publications.

Your correspondence with the Mandela Mining Precinct
If you correspond with us by e-mail, the postal service or another form of communication, we may retain such correspondence and use it to respond to your inquiry; to notify you of our conferences, publications or other services; or to keep a record of your compliment, complaint, accommodation request and the like. As always, if you wish to have your personal information erased or otherwise refrain from communicating with you, please contact us at enquiries@mandelaminingprecinct.org.za.

Securing your information
We take reasonable care to protect your personal information using reliable information security safeguards. However, you should be aware that no safeguards are 100% effective all of the time. Therefore, it is possible that your personal information may inadvertently be accessed by unauthorised or unknown persons if these safeguards be defeated or fail.

Changes to this Notice
We may amend this Privacy Notice at any time. All amendments shall be posted on this website. Unless we state otherwise, the current version will replace all previous versions of this notice. It is your responsibility to check for changes each time you visit the website.

How to contact us:

Physical Address
Cnr Carlow and Rustenburg road
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Postal Address
PO Box 91230
Auckland Park, 2006
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Tel: 011 358 0004
Email address: enquiries@mandelaminingprecinct.org.za