Longevity of Current Mines (LoCM)

“More from the same, with the same”

The Longevity of Current Mines programme is aimed at improving mining practices and procedures, particularly for established mines that are already constrained by their infrastructure. The aim is to prolong the sustainability of the mines, thereby maintaining current jobs.

The objectives of the programme are to:

Improve occupational health and safety performance;
Increase the efficiency of extraction; and
Reduce costs.
The objectives will be achieved through the use of more efficient systems of the mining cycle. The work will entail processes of documenting and analysing the challenges and issues (within the mining cycle) experienced by mining companies within the gold and platinum sectors.

The programme is geared towards identifying gaps in the mining cycle that prevent the achievement of one quality blast per day. A quality blast in this context is a blast that meets mine standards, which include: the rate of advance, breaking accuracy, the quantity of explosives used, safety, fragmentation of rock, and the shape of the face.


LoCM Projects

Drilling Equipment Monitoring

The Drilling Equipment Monitoring project has been completed. A surface test facility is being established…

Theory of Constraints

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) applies to the mining cycle and its activities for stoping and development. Research was directed towards a study using TOC…


As part of the Longevity of Current Mines programme, energy usage in existing narrow reef underground gold and PGM mines was identified as a focus area…

Blasting – Lost Blast Analysis

Along with increased travelling times, additional work activities are required, such as safety meetings, ‘making safe’ procedures, and installing…