Successful Application Of Technologies Centred Around People (SATCAP)

“People-centred technology and processes”

The SAMERDI Successful Application of Technologies Centred Around People (SATCAP) programme aims to understand how both specific and general challenges relating to people in the mining modernisation process can be understood from all stakeholders’ perspectives. As systems, technologies and processes modernise, these will have an impact on the people in mining. The SATCAP Programme seeks to gain an understanding into the challenges, effects and impacts of mining modernisation on people in the minerals sector. This frames the SATCAP research agenda.

The SATCAP research agenda addresses modernisation and the impact on jobs (creation and displacement) and skills requirement (both reskilling and upskilling) with the aim of developing the framework for a modern workforce for a modern mine.

SATCAP Projects

Community Inclusivity Model

The existing approaches to community engagement and inclusion for mining modernisation are deemed inadequate in addressing the new opportunities for increased community inclusion…

Guideline to Include Employees in Equipment Design And Development

As mining modernises, it is expected that mining stakeholders will increasingly be affected and impacted by mining modernisation systems, processes and technologies.

Skills Needs Matrix For Three Designations: Rock Drill Operator; Winch Operator And Shaft Timber-Person

A SATCAP study completed over the 2019/2020 period titled Full Modernisation Impact Assessment serves as foundation to this study. The study recommended…

Impact of Modernisation on Jobs

A SATCAP study completed over the 2019/2020 period titled Full Modernisation Impact Assessment found that modernisation would result in changes to the output…

The Application of Smart Technology in The Modernisation Process, Specifically Related to Biometrics And Organisational Systems Design

Modernisation is an important element in achieving improved health, safety and productivity in mining. Modern innovations and technologies such as the introduction of biometrics…