Real-time Information Management Systems (RTIMS)

“The right information to the right person all the time”

The Real-Time Information Management Systems programme aims to improve data sourcing, transmission, storage, dissemination, and information management tools, practices, and procedures for mines.

The programme involves the collection, capturing and transferring of information between the underground and surface environments in real-time (and or as appropriate), for smarter decision enablement, operations and control in order to improve the efficiency and safety of mining operations. The Real-Time Information Management System programme will cater to multiple applications, use cases and scenarios.

The Challenge

There is poor situational awareness underground and it is well understood that smarter decision-making and control within the context of smart-connected systems are required for multiple applications utilising shared information, communication and technology infrastructure. Consequently, real-time information management systems are very complex, which can contribute to unnecessary vendor lock-in, leading to standardisation, interoperability, scalability, and deployment issues. There are trends around open source software and open standards as well as the Industrial Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems that can be utilised to create interoperable platforms. However, architectures and standards are still evolving (and in a state of constant flux) and are not at a mature, baseline stage. These challenges pose a significant risk to mines adopting any form of real-time information management systems, and hence the investment in such systems.

Our Solution

We aim to create a holistic real-time information management system framework for multipurpose requirements developing (or adopting) common open-source tools and components required to enable these solutions, which will fit into an end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things architecture for mining.

Selected applications will be used to demonstrate the efficacy and utility of this common enabling real-time information management systems infrastructure. The enabling system infrastructure components and designs will be made available, royalty-free, to mines and original equipment manufacturers to ensure its wide adoption.

Additionally, a local ecosystem of products and services can be built with, and around it. There will be a utility gain for mines and an economic multiplier effect by opening the ecosystem of real-time information management systems-based solutions to local original equipment manufacturers.

RTIMS Projects

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