An “as-is” enterprise meta-model architecture was developed in 2018. The architecture models were developed and distributed as an interactive web portal, accessible as a standalone system. This forms the foundation to extend the “to-be” enterprise architecture consisting of the integrated RTIMS scope, as a research project for 2019-2020. This project is aimed at understanding and viewing the full architecture for a defined enterprise/sector.

Research and development

A meta-model was created and a functional ‘slice’ of the mining extraction value chain was selected, and expanded upon.  An appropriate existing reference model was selected within which to identify and complete the details of the selected functional ‘slice’ (in this case the Drill and Blast processes).  The various ‘layers’ consisting of business, operations, functions, data needs and technologies need to be identified and recorded in the model. The aim is to apply sound systems design and engineering principles in terms of integrating all the RTIMS framework components.


Preliminary process and activity identification and mapping were done at the business and functional levels. The data and technology layers will be attended to in the next phase.  However, early evaluations point to the likelihood of sub-optimal processes and duplication of activities and their associated outputs, such as report-generation.