The Mandela Mining Precinct is investigating the feasibility and needs an underground testing facility for use by industry, OEMs, academia, and researchers. For more information, contact Jurgens


Imagine if South Africa had its own underground testing facility:

Our Programmes

“The Mandela Mining Precinct has been established to provide a community of researchers with an opportunity to work together in one space. The Mandela Mining Precinct initiative is implemented through six research-based programmes, all of which are aimed at improving the safety of mines and introducing innovative technologies to the industry.”

Longevity of Current Mines

The Longevity of Current Mines programme is aimed at improving mining practices and procedures, particularly for established mines that are already constrained by their infrastructure. The aim is to prolong the sustainability of the mines, thereby maintaining current jobs.

Mechanised Mining Systems

Aimed at providing sustainable mechanised drill, blast and mechanical rock breaking solutions in advancement towards atomised systems to facilitate achieving zero harm, whilst maintaining and defending desired production rates at minimised costs, within the au and PGM mining industries.


Advanced Orebody Knowledge

The Advanced Orebody Knowledge (AOK) programme is aimed at providing mine planners, rock engineers, geologists and other decision-makers with information and knowledge that will contribute to optimal extraction and zero harm objectives. This knowledge is required ahead of mining to adequately inform day-to-day tactical as well as long term strategic decision-making.

Real-time Information Management Systems

The Real-Time Information Management Systems programme aims to improve data sourcing, transmission, storage, dissemination, and information management tools, practices, and procedures for mines.

Successful Application Of Technologies Centred Around People

The SAMERDI Successful Application of Technologies Centred Around People (SATCAP) programme aims to understand how both specific and general challenges relating to people in the mining modernisation process can be understood from all stakeholders’ perspectives. As systems, technologies and processes modernise, these will have an impact on the people in mining.